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Artists - Bass Guitar - Guitar - Home Recording - Independent Distribution - Mandolin - Roland VS2480
Audio Institute of America - online courses to become a recording engineer
D'Addario Players Circle: Customer Rewards Program
G Major Music Theory
IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music
Introduction to Sound Recording
Justin Guitar |
MuseScore Free music composition and notation software
Radio Garden
Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
TV Theme Music -
U.S. Copyright Office


Crunchy featuring Monty Colvin of the Galactic Cowboys
Feverdreams: Steely Dan lyric interpretations / shared delusions
Neil Young Archives
Pierce Pettis
Pierce's Home Page
Sara Groves

Bass Guitar

Bass Lessons
Bass Player Magazine
James Jamerson
The Institute of Bass


Chord Charts
Fret Not Guitar Repair
Introduction To Music Theory For Guitar
Kirk Lorange's Guitar for Beginners and Beyond
Madeira by Guild Acoustic Guitar | An Information Resource | AoxoA

Home Recording

Audio Minds support site for digital audio recording help
Digital Domain - CD Mastering & Replication Services
Home Recording Connection

Independent Distribution


Mandolin | Broadening the mandolin to Jazz, Pop, Cerebral Folk, and Contemporary Praise Music.
MandoLessons – Free Online Mandolin Lessons
Mandolin Cafe
Mandolin Chords
MandoSimean - Exploring the Mandolin's Potential

Roland VS2480

VS-Planet - Home of the V-Studio User's Group