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35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore's movie
Bertil Roos Racing School
Byrne's Euclid
The Caffeine Vault
Calculus Made Easy
Camille's Paleo Kitchen
CIA - The World Factbook
Classic Literature
The Cluetrain Manifesto
Coffee Encyclopedia
Coffee FAQ
CoffeeGeek - News, Reviews, Opinion and Community for Coffee and Espresso
Computer Stupidities
Confessions of a Car Salesman
Cows With Guns - Dana Lyons
The crusty old slot man's copy-editing peeve page
Dead People Server
Digital Credit Union My Stats
Dog Food Advisor Dog Food Reviews and Ratings
Everything 2
Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
Free Public Domain Book Sources
Garden State Region Mustang Club
Good Quotes
Groklaw Headlines
Handyman USA - Expert Advice and help for do-it-yourselfers
Homeroaster Association Roast Fresh Coffee at Home
How and When to Start Seeds Indoors | The Old Farmer's Almanac
How to Save Vegetable Seeds: Seed-Saving Guide | The Old Farmer's Almanac
Infogalactic : the planetary knowledge core
Interface Hall of Shame
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Health Report
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Internet Operating System Counter
Interstate Highways
Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
IRS 501(c)(3) Do-It-Yourself Guide
James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education the Knowledge Web
James Burke Web's Channel on YouTube
Jim Robbins: Radio: Table of Contents & Links
John M. Pfau Library
John Savard's Home Page
Laugh along with GNU - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
LILEKS (James) Gallery of Regrettable Food 2.0 Ford Mustang News, Pictures, and Videos
Mustang Club of America - Ford Mustang Owners Association
National Motorists Association Website
Netmeg Internet - The Jargon Dictionary
New Jersey Frequencies
The Onion
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
Page By Page Books - Read Classic Books Online, Free.
Paleo Diet, Paleolithic Diet and Lifestyle Questions and Answers
POI Editor for creating point of interest files for GPS devices
Random Quotes from Ayn Rand
Robert's Rules of Order Online
Rosegarden music software
Somerset Savings Bank
The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD - YouTube
Topographic Maps
Udemy Online Courses
Update Computer Club
Usenet Oracle Resource Index
Visit with Santa Claus at
Web Sudoku Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

Comics -- Comic Strips
Calvin and Hobbes
Day by Day -- Comic Strips
Pearls Before Swine
The Dilbert Zone
The Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson
The Funnies - ArcaMax Publishing
User Friendly


Ammo Prices Now -- All Calibers Price History
GetZone Watch the Best Videos for Tips and Tactics, Gear, Reviews and Survival in Hunting, Firearms, and the Shooting Sports.
Home - The Truth About Guns
Honest Gun Safe Reviews
How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45 - Animagraffs
How to clean a glock
Incredible 3D Animation of How A Glock 19 Works - SolidSmack
NRA Training
Pennsylvania Firearms Association
The Sight's M1911 .45 ACP Site


Android Forums
DijonStock Yamaha AW16G & AW1600 digital recording support forum
explain xkcd
Galactic Cowboys Fan Forum
Gentoo Forums Forums
nV News Forums - NVidia
osCommerce Community Support Forums
Roku Forums
S197 Mustang Forum
S550 Mustang Forum
Schedules Direct Forums
Serendipity [s9y] Forums
TikiWiki Forums
VSI OpenVMS Forum


CastTV Video Search
Clicker - What's On Online
Discovery Channel
Levin TV
OVGuide : Online Video Guide - Watch Free Videos
Star Trek Continues - Space: The Final Frontier...

Smart Home

openHAB Open Source Home Automation


25 Hidden Roku Tips and Tricks for Streaming Success
CordCutters | Spend less, watch more - Cord Cutting News, Reviews, and Tutorials
fuboTV - Watch & DVR Live Sports & TV Online
Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.
JustWatch - The Streaming Guide
Pluto TV - It's Free TV
ReelGood Streaming Service Search Engine
Roku Audio Out of Sync: How to Fix in seconds
Roku Streaming Player
Sling TV | Live TV Streaming

Travel Destinations

Blue Ridge Parkway - Home
Driving Skyline Drive - Shenandoah National Park (U.S. National Park Service)