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Thomas Pfau

My mail address is <tfpfau at> or <pfau at>.

I have some pictures that I have scanned online. One of these days I might add to this collection.

Check out my hoax e-mail page.

Find me on LinkedIn, MeWe, Gab.

I am a Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Programmer, and Musician.


My wife and I are looking for a church in the Mount Bethel, PA area.


I've been married to my wife, Karen, since January 1982.


I have four daughters named Melissa ('83), Megan ('84), Heather ('87) and Courtney ('89). They're all beautiful and talented (but I'm biased).


Charles Anthony was born January 9, 2008. Nathan Jefferson was born September 15, 2009. Kevin Thomas was born on July 17, 2010. Noah Daniel was born August 25, 2013. Ruth Grace was born April 5, 2015. Emily Grace was born on June 11, 2015. Ryan William was born on July 17, 2016. Jonathan Paul was born July 23, 2016. Benjamin Riley was born on January 12, 2018. Madeline Rose was born June 14, 2019. Jacob Steven was born on September 13, 2020. Amelia Hope was born on April 12, 2021. Arabelle Faith was born on February 22, 2022.


My Resume.

I worked on OpenVMS for many years doing all sorts of stuff including application development, performance tuning, system programming, and more. I started out in Field Service at Digital Equipment Corporation and moved on to Software Services after a couple of years. Most of the jobs I have had since then have involved OpenVMS and some have involved linux.

I started working with linux in Novemeber of 1992 which was around version 0.97. I have been running it on my own systems ever since. Most of what I do at work now revolves around linux.

My current employer used OpenVMS for about 20 years but decided to port to linux after HP abandoned support for the latest Itanium processors. I led the porting effort which is working out better than we had anticipated. Our applications involves TCP/IP messaging and multithreading and requires high throughput and extremely low latency.

These days I mostly program in C/C++ and Perl. I got started in programming in high school where I learned BASIC, FORTRAN and assembly on a PDP-8e. I went to a tech school to learn electronics. While there we learned to program on microprocessor systems based on Motorola 6800, Intel 8080 and Zilog Z80 chips. I also took progamming courses again covering BASIC, FORTRAN and assembly on a PDP-11. Since then I have learned and used VAX Macro, COBOL, Pascal, Mumps, Java, and possibly some other things I've forgotten but I haven't really used any of these in years.

I have at times done some web site development to pay the bills. I have worked with Apache, WASD, and Microsoft IIS. Pages were a combination of HTML, CSS, Perl, PHP, ASP, and Javascript.

I have worked with several database systems including Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, and Redis.

I have written several Perl modules, some of which are available on

Other systems I have touched include OSF/1 (Digital Unix), RSX-11M/M+, Windows NT, MS-DOS, Pick (Ultimate), and X Windows (Motif and Athena).


I have been playing guitar (electric, 6 & 12 string accoustic, bass) since about 1975. I have attempted to play keyboards with little luck although I think I'm getting better. I bought a mandolin a few years ago and learned a few chords. I used to play a harmonica on occassion. If I start singing, leave the room.

I ran the sound equipment at church for several years. I also ran sound for a friend who ran a coffee club in the basement of his church.

I was once part of a band called 9 Feet Tall. This was a collection of musicians that played worship at our church although not all were ever together there at the same time. We performed at coffee clubs and benefits mostly singing songs written by our lead singer. We recorded a CD which is available from the web site.

I recorded another CD project with some friends I played with just after High School. I did most of the recording and mixing on this project on the lead guitarist's Roland VS2480. The CD pressing company sent us a few samples of their attempts to master the audio but we thought they destroyed the sound quality by overcompressing it. We decided to use my mastering results and have received several complements on the sound quality on this disc.

These days most of my playing is during worship at church.

Thomas Pfau / tfpfau at